Welcome to Miami World of Darkness Wiki. I have created this page to group useful links, and information in a convenient fashion. If you have an ideas to improve the page feel free to email me at pillow3971@gmail.com with suggestions.

Currently there is a vampire game almost every Saturday 4 total per month as follows.

  • 1st Saturday Vampire: the Masquerade – Sabbat (Located in Ft Lauderdale)
  • 2nd Saturday Vampire: the Requiem & Mage the awakening (Located in Miami Kendal area)
  • 3rd Saturday Vampire: the Masquerade – Sabbat (Located in Ft Lauderdale)
  • 4th Saturday Vampire: the Masquerade – Cam/Anarch (Located in Miami Kendal area)

Here is the link to our Vampire games meetup group for a more detailed account of all times and dates. (Note: this wiki is secondary as the meet up group. The meetup group is the main hub for all players, I am not a story teller, nor do I control any times or locations of games.)

List of useful links

  • Devil’s playpen – wiki page for the Miami, and Ft Lauderdale Vampire: the Masquerade games.
  • Mind’s Eye society portal – New members need to register with this site in order to get an ID number to accumulate prestige. It is a requirement to make an account with them, and pay dues after the 6 month trial is up. If you need any approvals for your character you must archive your character sheet under Legacy Tools before asking.
  • Camerilla Wiki – Good source of information for new and old players alike

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